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MIDAS Electronics
Systems Skillnet

The MIDAS Electronic Systems Skillnet is a collaboration between Semiconductor & Electronic Systems companies based in Ireland to meet their mutual needs of world class cost effective training
courses held locally for skilled employees in this sector.

MIDAS Electronics Systems Skillnet is co-funded by Skillnet Ireland and member companies.

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MIDAS is an industry led cluster consisting of industry, educational, research and government agencies, working together to assist in the development of the ‘micro and nano-electronics based systems sector’ in Ireland. MIDAS began in 1999 and its aim is to represent the entire value chain, as the industry evolves to deliver combined electronic and software system solutions.

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Upcoming Events

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Next event: 03/11/2020

Venue: Remote Learning

The renowned 7 Habits training course to develop leadership effectiveness. Due to the COVID-19 virus, this course was held online in 2 hour sessions p..

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Complete Verilog

Next event: 28/09/2020

Venue: Online course, max 12 participants

Complete Verilog is a 5-day @ 6 hours / day online training course teaching the application of the Verilog® Hardware Description Language for FPGA an..

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Analog IC Design CPD Module

Next event: 22/09/2020

Venue: Online course

This module will develop a deep understanding of MOS devices and fundamental analog circuits. It will be delivered using flexible distance learning me..

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Advanced RTL Design

Next event: 29/09/2020

Venue: Online course, 11am - 6pm each day, max 12 participants

This 3-day Advanced RTL Design training class is intended for experienced digital IC designers. It will teach & demonstrate Advanced Design techni..

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"MIDAS Electronic Systems Skillnet ... will enable companies in our industry to avail of world class employee training and development. This is a critical need for the industry to continue to attract investment in an increasingly competitive global market."

Damien Walsh

Development Director

"Xilinx invests heavily in training. The MIDAS Electronic Systems Skillnet is doing a great job in bringing in world class trainers to Ireland and make the training accessible to Xilinx employees."

Peng Lim

AMS Program Manager

"Midas Skillnet has been extremely valuable to Intel to date enabling us to send smaller numbers of participants to high quality, good value courses in a timely fashion"

Kieran Burke

Design Verification Manager