Advanced Python, Dublin

Start date: 21 October 2019

Duration: 3 Days

Location: Irish Computer Society, 87-89 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4. D04 R266

Certificate: N/A

Cost: Members € 300; Non-members € 450

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This course is for design and evaluation engineers with existing Python experience, who wish to deepen their knowledge further.

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Design robust python applications using modern development methods
  • Use design patterns when creating python applications
  • Use standard libraries for creating and editing pdf/word and excel documents
  • Design and create multi-threaded python applications
  • Work with JSON and XML data
  • Access HTML from web pages
  • Access and Edit Data from a relational database
  • Create and run Unit tests
  • Use advanced data analysis techniques

Who is the course for?

Engineers in a design or evaluation role with existing Python experience, who wish to leverage the power of Python further. Prior knowledge of Python is a prerequisite.


Day 1

  • Python Review
    Data Types and Variables
    Flow of Control
    Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Classes
    Class variables and methods
    Working with Properties
    Special Class methods
    Working with decorators
  • Classes
    Class variables and methods
    Working with Properties
    Special Class methods
    Working with decorators
  • Regular Expressions
    Creating expressions
    Multiple Matches
    Options when searching
  • Multithreading
    Creating Threads
    Thread communication
    Other multithreading libraries
  • Networking
    Using Sockets
    Python networking libraries

Day 2

  • Developer Tools
    Generating Python documentation
    Writing Unit Tests
    Timing and Performance
  • Working with JSON and XML
    Navigating an XML document
    Creating/editing XML
    Accessing a web service
    Processing JSON data
    Searching XML and JSON data
  • Standard Data Formats
    Working with Excel
    Manipulating Word Documents
    Working with Pdf’s
    Sending emails and Texts
    Accessing HTML data with Beautiful Soup
  • Database Access
    Accessing SQLLite Database
    Querying database with parameters
    Processing results
    Inserting data

Day 3

  • Writing and Maintaining your Own Python Library
    Write your own iterators, generators and decorators
    Test Driven Development
    Managing builds and releases
    Design patterns and When to Use them
  • Python Advanced Data Analysis
    Decision Trees
  • Hands-on Capstone Project
    Students use all material from course to build a python application with accesses the local file
    system searching for key data values. This data is manipulated and stored on a database. Data
    analysis is also carried out, with the results being writing to a word/pdf/excel file and emailed.

Trainer Profile

Bill Emerson of Professional Training has worked as a software engineer, developer and trainer in the UK and Ireland since 1992, in a variety of industries, including financial services, scientific and educational. He has programmed extensively in Java and Python and divides his time between development projects and designing and delivering training courses. He has delivered python courses to many groups, including climate researchers and electronic engineers.

Bill lectures in software design and data analytics at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level, and is involved with a number of research projects involving data mining, analysis and visualization.

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